Wild Women with Tender Hearts

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"Patricia Taylor Edmisten, passionate woman with a fierce and tender heart, writes of family, pain, hope, nature and commitment to social justice. Her work is a strong voice speaking to the human condition." Jennifer Soule, Ph.D., Poet and Professor Emerita, Shepherd University.

"Patricia Taylor Edmisten's poems for tender-hearted wild women will surely also please nature lovers and strong men. Covering a range of subjects, from careless littering in 'Aluminum Beach,' to the Persian Gulf War in Middle East, 1991, the poems confront the micro and macro issues of the day....The numerous personal poems...evoking painful and pleasurable relationships...charmingly reveal the poet's nostalgic sensibilities." Mary Lowe-Evans, Ph.D. Professor and Chair, English Department, University of West Florida.

"Her poetry is alive, velvet rich, deep, and just blows my socks off." Nancy Gilliam, Legal and Independent Scholar.

"I thought I knew something about women, but Patricia Edmisten takes me into fresh, unmapped territory. She holds a magnifying glass up to her own intimate perceptions and doubt, allowing them to surface in vital images through small, rich verses which are no stranger to wit and surprise." Jack Beach, Poet.

"Patricia Taylor Edmisten has done what poets are supposed to. She has courageously exposed her personal views of people and nature while crafting elegant language art.... In evoking her intense reverence for even the commonest natural objects, she compels the reader to attend these miracles as well." Ron Evans, Ph.D. Poet and Professor Emeritus of English, University of West Florida.