The Autobiography of Maria Elena Moyano: The Life and Death of a Peruvian Activist

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Diana Miloslavich Tupac, editor. Translation of, foreword and afterword to the original Spanish version, Maria Elena Moyano en busca de una esperanza, by Patricia S. Taylor Edmisten.

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Using Maria Elena Moyano's own words, the editor of this poignant story has re-created the voice of the martyred Peruvian activist. In 1992, at age 33, Moyano was assassinated by guerrillas of the revolutionary movement Sendero Luminoso (Shining Path). Her murder--a warning to others in the women's movement--galvanized the Peruvian people against Sendero Luminoso and its leader, Abimael Guzman Reynosa. As a woman of color, Moyano led a revolution of conscience within a larger revolution. Through this gracefully translated book, her voice continues to speak for all women who refuse to relinquish the struggle for dignity, freedom and equal political participation.


"Moyano's life exemplifies the overwhelming obstacles that poor barrio women experience, not only in Peru, but also in other developing countries. This autobiographical book adds important information to several different disciplines: Latin American politics, feminism, sociology, and Peruvian history....Edmisten's expertise is obvious in the scholarly introduction and readable translation." Mary H. Wilgus, Professor of Women's Studies, Campbellsville University, Kentucky.