Nicaragua Divided: La Prensa and the Chamorro Legacy

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Using the Chamorro family of publishers/writers, Edmisten traces the origins of the Nicaraguan revolution. Pedro Chamorro's 1978 assassination triggered the 1978 rebellion in which 30,000 Nicaraguans died. After the patriarch's murder, his family carried on the fight for social justice. They did, however, choose different paths toward the same goal. Two children were Sandinistas; two were Contras. Chamorro's brothers were likewise divided. In 1990, Pedro Chamorro's widow, Violeta Barrios de Chamorro, was elected president of Nicaragua.


"A unique and insightful presentation of the essential writings and ideas of Chamorro...clearly and gracefully written. Edmisten puts Nicaraguan politics into perspective and gives the reader of sense of the complexities of the present situation." Charles Ameringer, Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University.

"Moyano's life exemplifies the overwhelming obstacles that poor barrio women experience, not only in Peru but also in other Third World countries. This autobiographical book adds important information to several different disciplines: Latin American politics, feminism, sociology and current Peruvian history....Edmisten's expertise is obvious in the scholarly introduction and readable translation." Mary H. Wilgus, Campellsville University.