A Longing for Wisdom: One Woman's Conscience and her Church

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Why We Weep: On the Desperate Need for Church Reform

False God

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About the Book

Edmisten calls for Church reform in an era where conventional wisdom has taken precedence over the wisdom of Christ. The wisdom in this book will sink into the heart of every reader. Since 2002, ordinary Roman Catholics have been reeling from the news of wide-spread clerical sexual abuse of minors and the cover up of their crimes by bishops. Not only do faithful Catholics grieve for the suffering of the victims and their families, they feel shame, embarrassment, and humiliation because the Church they love has been deeply tainted.

Churches are closing because of the shortage of priests. Many Catholics, especially younger ones, have lost trust in the institution of the Church. Still, priests may not marry, and women are denied ordination. The Catholic Church staunchly remains an all male bastion, subsidized by women's service but deprived of their wisdom and leadership.

Through heart-rending poetry, prose, memoir, and essays, Edmisten has come out of the closet. This retired professor and life-long Catholic struggles with her own conscience as she bucks 2,000 years of tradition and calls for Church Reform, including the ordination of women.


"Patricia says it best in her preface: 'a questioning attitude toward my faith was necessary if I were to be strengthened in it.' By the end of this book both she and her readers are more than strengthened: we are enlightened and set on fire. Out of her experience comes her voice, clear and unabashed. A voice that both criticizes and sings, a voice filled with tears and laughter." Timothy R. Carmody, Ph.D., Professor of Theology, Spring Hill College.

"Deep and intense. Readers will see the commitment to ideas, the soul- searching and the gift of crafted verbal expression. I found her vast personality to have at last been cast worthily on a grand canvas or an intricate tapestry of expression. Her voice is fresh and fluid." Ron Evans, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of English, University of West Florida.

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